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Make Home Security Part of Your Spring Cleaning

Home Security

May 19, 2019

It may feel cold outside, but spring is coming in hot. Goodbye, winter blues. Hello, spring fever!

People spend much more time away from home as soon as the weather gets warmer. We take more time off, go on more vacations, or just stay out later. It’s probably no coincidence that home burglary rates increase during summer months, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The expression “spring cleaning” probably conjures up thoughts of feather dusters, wide-open windows, and rain gutters. Home security might not even come to mind. But this spring, don’t stop at dusting and power-washing! Smart home security systems like ours can do a lot of the thinking for you, so it’s easy to adapt a set-it-and-forget-it attitude after installation. But to get the most that your system has to offer, a little bit of maintenance and regular check-ins go a long way.

Set yourself up for a safer, more secure spring and summer by making home security part of your spring cleaning ritual. Your to-do list is probably long already, so try just beginning with a few basics. Here’s some tips and recommendations to get your spring started off right.

Set Up Your Security Notifications

All the bells and whistles that come with a smart home system are amazing, but ultimately, your safety and peace of mind is what it’s all about. If you haven’t programmed any alerts or notifications for your system yet, get started now! There are countless ways you can customize your system to simplify your life, but we recommend setting up alarm alerts and arming reminders first.

  • Alarm Alerts – Get a notification anytime an alarm is going off. You’ll also get a phone call, but notifications provide instant awareness anywhere via your smartphone.
  • Arming Reminders – Get a notification if you leave your home and forget to arm your system.

Setting up alerts is easy. Log into your Guardian account, navigate to “Notifications,” and choose “New Notification.”

Get the Guardian App

For many of us, our smartphone is like an extension of our body. Similarly, Guardian’s free mobile app is an extension of your security system — not to mention a direct line to what’s going on at home. Used in conjunction with your account login online, you can customize your smart security system endlessly and stay connected on the go. In short, if you’re not using the Guardian smartphone app, you’re missing out!

The Guardian app turns your smartphone into a remote control for your home and smart devices — arm/disarm your system; adjust your thermostat; control your lights and garage; and more. This is also a quick and easy place to check surveillance cameras and watch recorded video clips.

If you already use the app, make it your springtime objective to get the most out of it or just learn a new feature.

Tip: An app appearing on your smartphone’s home screen is more likely to be used, so give your smart home security app prime real estate.

Know When Our Monitoring Center is Calling

Spam calls are a major problem, and you may already screen your calls. But to give you the best service possible, it’s critical that when someone from our monitoring center call you, they can make contact.  

Make sure you can recognize when a call is coming from us. Calls from our monitoring center will show the number 800-364-3616. If you have Caller ID, you will see the word “GUARDIAN” displayed. This number is only used by our monitoring center, so program it into your contacts right away. You can also use this number to return calls from a monitoring specialist or notify the monitoring center of a false alarm.

Because this number is reserved for the monitoring center, it’s not the right channel for your customer service requests. You can always call 1-800-PROTECT (1-800-776-8328) for your other Guardian needs.

Set Up a Schedule to Test Your System

It’s important to test your system to make sure it’s communicating properly with our monitoring center. It’s simple to do and will give you peace of mind.

We recommend testing once a month and following any changes that may impact your system, such as landline, internet, and broadband service changes. So if you’re planning to do any remodeling or home renovations this spring, make a note to test your system afterwards. It’s also a good idea to do a test a week before taking a vacation.

If you don’t set up a schedule immediately after installation, it’s easy to forget. Get back on track now and add a recurring reminder to your calendar so you never miss another month.

When you’re ready, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to test your security system.

Focus on Fire Safety

Early detection is a major factor in preventing damage from home fires, so put all fire detection devices high on your priority list! Every spring cleaning session should include testing your smoke and heat detectors and swapping batteries if needed. 

Before changing the battery, ensure the system is disarmed and go to Guardian’s Customer Care Website to place your system on Test Mode. This ensures Guardian doesn’t accidentally initiate a response from authorities.

Save this video on how to change your smoke detector battery so it’s handy when you need it.

A few more tips:

  • If you have a professionally monitored fire alarm system — which we strongly recommend — make sure your system is disarmed before changing the batteries in your devices.
  • Too much dust and debris can interfere with how smoke detectors function. Play it safe and keep ’em clean!
  • Do you have a fire escape plan for your household? If not, add it to the list (here’s some tips). If you already have a plan, run a drill this spring!
  • You may have other wireless security devices like door contacts and control panels that run on batteries.  Make sure you know which devices have batteries and how often they need to be changed.

Don’t Have a Security System?

A professionally monitored and installed smart home security solution will give you peace of mind and confidence, especially during your warm weather excursions.

Even if you’re still on the fence or aren’t sure what you need in a system, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-PROTECT or visit our website to check out our home security options. We’ll send a trained expert to your home to evaluate your property, really listen to you, and make a recommendation based on your unique needs — no obligation, no fee.

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