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Serving up exceptional, made-to-order security.

Guardian Protection realizes that restaurants have unique security needs, and we deliver.

We’ve worked with thousands of restaurants across the U.S. from well-known national chains with 5,000 square feet of space to single-location mom-and-pop local diners.

Our security experts and technicians ensure you have all the security features your restaurant(s) needs. We enable our clients to:

  • Manage security at one or multiple locations
  • Check in on the go
  • See when food is delivered
  • Find out when employees are arriving and leaving

Overall, Guardian Protection helps you stay connected with your business.

Access Control

Choose who gets access to the back office or the liquor cage in the basement. Software-based access control systems help eliminate the need for easily duplicated keys and help control employee access.

  • Add, delete, or modify employee codes from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Trackable photo badges easily identify employees and record entry and exit patterns
  • Program doors to automatically lock at certain times
  • Make important changes to employee access in seconds, not days

Learn more about access control

Easy System Management

We make managing the security of one or more restaurants a breeze.

  • Employees can easily manage the system. They can arm and disarm, as well as facilitate open and close reports. You’ll always know what’s going on, and that your restaurant is open when it should be.
  • More than one site? Get multi-site access through one console. You can’t be in two places at once, but video surveillance helps you keep track of your restaurants remotely.

Smart Alerts

Guardian Protection is more than just monitoring. We offer a host of smart features to grab your attention at the right times.

  • Unexpected activity alerts let you know if someone is lurking where they shouldn’t be.
  • Door sensor on your walk-in freezer alerts you when the freezer is left open after closing time, or when it’s open for too long during business hours.

Employee Safety

When it comes to your restaurant staff, their safety is a top priority. Help protect your team while they work with a panic button system. Your employees can send an emergency distress signal to our monitoring center with the touch of a button, and we’ll alert the authorities.

Video Surveillance

See what’s happening at your locations anytime, anywhere — via smartphone, tablet, or computer — with 24/7 live look-in access. You can observe, record, and create a permanent visual record.

  • Helps deter theft, violence and vandalism on your premises
  • Minimize false alarms, fines, hazards, and liabilities such as slip and falls
  • Monitor restricted areas, property maintenance and employee and vendor activity
  • Choose from standalone DVR and enterprise-level IP-based solutions

Learn more about video surveillance

Fire Detection

Guardian fire alarm systems are monitored around the clock — whether your system is armed for intrusion or not. In the event smoke is detected, we will automatically notify the fire department.

  • Helps to reduce your risk and prevent fire damage
  • Includes 24-hour monitored detection devices such as smoke detectors, heat sensors, and manual pull stations

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