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Smart Door Lock Image 1
Smart Door Lock Image 1

Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock

  • Custom schedules
  • Mobile alerts
  • Unique codes
  • Unlock reminders

Our Z-Wave smart door lock makes coming home a little easier with mobile app control and personalized codes. Lock and unlock your door whenever you need to, from anywhere in the world.

Keyless smart lock systems for the whole family

Assign unique codes for each member of your family so you know who’s coming and going throughout the day.

Two young children excitedly running into the house in front of their parents

Smart front door lock with access schedules

Have a dog walker, cleaning crew, or guest coming over when you’re not around? Create a temporary access code limited to a specific time and date.

Additional Benefits

Create rules

Create custom rules and control your system with one touch.

Sync with your alarm

Program the doors to unlock in the event of a fire alarm.


Receive mobile alerts at a certain distance if you forget to lock your door.

Instant code changes

Change or delete user codes quickly and easily, right from your smartphone.

Frequently asked questions

A smart door lock has two parts. Outer Trim: 4.44" H x 2.82" W x 1.19" D. Inner Trim: 5.25" H x 3.25" W x 1.75" D.
Our Kwikset smart door locks have a “SmartKey” feature allowing you to re-key your door lock in a few simple steps. To determine if your lock is a Kwikset lock, look for the brand name on the number pad. It should say “Kwikset” near the keyhole. If your lock is not a Kwikset, please check the manufacturer’s manual for more information. To re-key your Kwikset door lock using the SmartKey feature, please follow the instructions below. You will need:
  • The current key. Please note, the SmartKey feature will only work if you have the key that currently unlocks the door. If you don’t have the key, you will need to contact a locksmith to properly re-key your door lock.
  • SmartKey tool. Please contact us at 1.800.PROTECT if you do not have this tool. We’ll be happy to send you one!
  • The new key.
Ok, let's do this. 1. Insert the key that currently operates the lock and rotate it 90 degreed clockwise. Leave the key in the lock. 2. Insert the SmartKey tool fully into the SmartKey hole (this is a small opening near the keyhole of the lock.) Then remove both the SmartKey tool and the current key. 3. Fully insert the new key and rotate the lock 180 degrees counterclockwise. 4. Rotate the new key 90 degrees clockwise back to the starting position, and then remove it.  Now your lock is new re-keyed, and the old key will no longer work.
To change the batteries in your smart door lock, check out this quick instructional video.
You will need:
  • Allen key tool
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 4 AA batteries
If you’re not able to access the video above, please follow these steps: 1. Locate the door lock with the low battery. 2. Depending on your lock’s make and model, locate and remove the screws. The screws are typically located on the indoor side of the door lock, but they may be on both sides. 3. Pull the cover away from the door. 4. The battery pack is located at the top of the module. Pull up on the pack to expose the batteries. 5. Change the batteries and place the pack back in the door. Please make sure the arrow labeled “Door” is facing the door. 6. Reverse the above steps to replace the cover.

Still have questions?

Call 800.857.5028

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