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Use Your Smart Devices to Help Your Elf on the Shelf

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December 5, 2018

If you have an Elf on the Shelf in your home, you know that you’re entering a tricky time of the year. Ensuring that Santa’s scout moves daily without being noticed can be a tricky responsibility. With smart home technology, though, you can take some pressure off and help protect your elf from getting caught.

Set an Elf Reminder

Use your smart phone to set an alarm for moving the elf. This should help you keep from accidentally forgetting to move the elf. You can keep a list of ideas on your phone as well so you’re ready to go when the time comes every night.

Check on the Kids

There are many smart devices that can help you keep an eye on your kids bedroom. These can be helpful any time of year for making sure the kids stay in bed when you need them to, but this is extra helpful at elf time.Put a smart sensor on their bedroom door or use an indoor camera or baby monitor camera in their room or outside the door.

Catch Photos of the Elf

If you have a motion detecting devices, you can use them to catch glimpses of the elf “moving” Just make sure you don’t catch yourself in the shot as well. This can be done with a photo sensor or a motion detecting camera. 

A video doorbell can even catch the Elf coming or going. If you take a bunch of these “caught” photos or videos in advance, you can always use them as proof that the elf moved on a night you forget to move the elf.

Set an Elfie Screensaver

Do your kids have a mobile tablet or iPod? Have the elf change all the backgrounds to elf “selfies.” You can keep it going by changing your phone background as well to show your kids they weren’t the only ones. You can even change the screensavers on the Guardian IQ2 control panel. Another smartphone/mobile devices hack is to have elf change the passcodes to device your kids use (if they know these codes). Seems like an elf might prefer a passcode like 122518.

Set up an “Elf” Alert

You can set up an alert using your smart home security system for when the elf moves or comes and goes.

 This is something you’ll be able to show your kids as proof of the elf’s movements. This could be a good move for when the elf first comes to visit or when the elf leaves for the year. Here’s the guide for How to Set-up a Santa Alert that you can follow for setting up an “Elf Alert.”  

Having trouble keeping up with Elf on the Shelf? Here’s some ideas from Guardian employees!

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