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Door & Window Sensors Image 1
Door & Window Sensors Image 1
Door & Window Sensors Image 1

Door & Window Sensors

Door & Window Sensors

  • Low-key design
  • Two color options
  • Advanced encryption
  • Mobile alerts

Our wireless door and window alarm sensors are small, yet powerful. They communicate with your Guardian security panel and help protect your home’s critical entry and exit points.

This device comes with PowerG wireless intrusion technology, providing more secure encryption, longer range and reliability, and better battery life.

Multi-purpose security

Door alarm sensors can also be placed on anything in your home you want to monitor, like gun safes, medicine cabinets, or liquor cabinets.

Get custom alerts with a door and window alarm system

Choose who you want to be notified. Sensors can be programmed to report usage to Guardian Protection or to you. It’s your choice.

Additional Benefits

Easy to install

Window and door alarm system comes with an adhesive applicator.

Built-in tamper switch

Triggers an alert when the cover is removed or tampered with.

Supervised device

Always know it's communicating and functioning when you activate the chime function.

Inexpensive add-on

Easily add sensors throughout your home for extra security.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! With any IQ panel (IQ2, IQ4, IQ Hub), you can customize each sensor using up to 27 characters. To rename your door and window sensors, follow the below steps:
  1. Log into your Guardian account via desktop or your mobile app.
  2. Select Settings on desktop or More on the app.
  3. Tap Manage Devices.
  4. Scroll and select the sensor you want to rename.
  5. Tap Rename.
  6. Rename the sensor and hit OK.

A professionally installed and monitored door or window sensor (also referred to as a door/ window contact) has two parts. One part is installed on a stationary wall or frame, and the other is installed on a moving door or window.

When the two sensor pieces are moved apart, the system will trigger the door or window opening and a signal will be sent to our monitoring center.

A door and window sensor is H 2.6 inches x W 1.2 inches.

Still have questions?

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Packages for every lifestyle

Whether you’re single, a parent, or a pet parent, we have a security package that fits your life.

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