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8 User Favorite Features of the Guardian Protection App

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One great advantage to having a Guardian Protection home security system is its app that provides extra visibility to at-home happenings. Guardian Protection’s mobile app has extensive capabilities to keep you in the know through notifications, live video feeds, and more to add convenience to your daily routine. Continue reading to discover a few of the most popular features of the Guardian Protection app.

Woman checking her Guardian Protection app

1. Remote Arming

With the Guardian mobile app, you won’t ever have to worry about whether you’ve armed your system after leaving your home. If you are ever second-guessing your system’s status or you want to arm or disarm your system while you’re away, all you have to do is remotely change your system’s status through the app. All it takes is a few taps to arm your system on the go. It’s that easy!

2. Set the Scene for Everyday Life

Imagine coming home from work and adjusting your house temperature, disarming the alarm, and unlocking your front door with a single tap. Now, that’s the perfect Welcome Home Scene!

A Scene is a customizable feature that lets you take multiple actions across multiple Guardian devices with one simple tap in the app. You can set various Scenes based on your needs and lifestyle. For example, simplify the kids’ bedtime routine by creating a Scene that turns off certain lights, locks the door, and turns down the thermostat temperature when it’s time for the children to go to bed.

How you use the Scenes feature depends on what smart home and security devices you have. The more you add to your smart home, the more you can customize your Scenes. Learn more about Guardian’s Smart Home Automation Systems.

3. Access Your Panic Button

In the event of an emergency, nothing is certain. For example, in a house fire or an active break-in, you can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to reach the panic button on your panel safely to call for help. With your Guardian app, however, you only need to be near your phone to trigger a panic button and immediately alert our monitoring center to an unfolding situation. Our protection specialists will quickly spring into action from there to get the help you need sent to the site address associated with your account.

The panic button can be found in the app under the Security System section, located below the icon for arm or disarm. We recommend ensuring the Security System section is added to your app dashboard for quick access to the panic button.

4. Customize User Access

Are there people outside of your home who may need temporary access? Through the Guardian app, you can create additional codes for your smart door lock or panel and limit them to a specific time and date. For example, if a dog walker is scheduled for Monday at noon, align their code’s access to allow entry only during this time.

For members of your family or other frequent users, consider assigning unique codes so you know who’s coming and going throughout the day.

5. Get Notified When Packages Arrive

Not only can our video doorbells distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles passing by your home, but they can also identify when packages are dropped off. Specifically, our video doorbells can send you notifications when they identify a delivery on your front porch. This way you won’t ever have to question whether that important package was successfully delivered again! Just set up this video analytics feature and receive real-time alerts when it has arrived.

6. Stay Alert with Video Analytics

Get a better view of what’s going on in and around your home by enabling video analytics. This feature helps you pinpoint important activity and uses real-time data to filter and categorize your video alerts. Do you want to be notified each time a car enters your driveway or when a person arrives at your front door? With video analytics, you can customize push notifications when these or other events occur.

Vehicle in driveway with text notification from Guardian Protection's home security app

7. Watch Highlights of the Day

Even when away, the app’s Highlights can help you stay in the know about what’s happening at home. This feature is a visual snapshot of your system’s daily activity, delivered in seconds. See which doors were accessed, who entered the home, when the thermostat was adjusted, and more important events from the day. Highlights are captured in story format with short video clips and animated icons that are easy to download and share with friends or on social media!

Guardian Protection mobile app

8. Go Places and Never Miss a Beat

We all have those chaotic mornings when something small yet important slips through the cracks – like forgetting to close the garage, arm your security system, or failing to lock the front door. Cue, Places (Previously named, Geo-Fencing).

Text notification of Geo-Fencing feature on Guardian Protection's home security and automation app.

Places let you draw a virtual fence around your property that responds when you come and go. The Geo-Services setting within the Guardian app can be set to trigger a pre-determined action when your smartphone or device enters or exits a location. For example, once you’re two miles from home the app will notify you that your front door has not been locked.

Mobile Management Makes Life Easier

These are just a few Guardian Protection app features that can make managing your home simple whether you’re at home or away. Get the peace of mind that comes with being able to adjust your home security system and check in at any time by downloading our app today!

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