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How do I set up a ground zone or tripwire?

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To set up your ground zone or tripwire, follow these steps

1. Select Video.

2. Tap the gear icon on the app, then select Recording Rules. On desktop, simply select Recording Rules.

3. Select +ADD on the app or +ADD NEW RULE on desktop.

4. Tap Video Analytics. 

5. Select your camera. 

6. If this is your first time adding a rule, you will need to calibrate the camera: 

  • Press Continue. 
  • Take 5 pictures standing in 5 different locations. Your camera needs to see you head to toe. Press the Take Photo button. Then click next. Repeat the steps 5 times and then click submit. 
  • If your calibration fails, hit the back button and retake some of the photos. 

7. Scroll down and select the type of detection. You may only have 3 video analytics rules per camera. 

8. Tap Next. 

9. Select if the camera is outdoors or indoors. Then use the slide bar to determine the size of the object you wish to detect. Tap Next. 

10. Name your rule at the top of the page. 

11. Draw your tripwire or ground zone. You may clear the premade lines and boxes to create a custom shape. 

12. Select the special setting for the ground zones or tripwires. 

  • The arrow on the tripwire line indicates the direction of travel for something to record. 
  • The duration inside area of interest for ground zones indicates how long something must be in the drawn zone before it records. 

13. Select your exceptions. You may change the delay between clips, create a specific schedule your rule will run on, and/or stop the rule if your system is armed or disarmed. 

14. Select what type of objects will set off a notification, and check which push devices, email addresses, or phone numbers should receive the notifications. 

15. Click Save. 

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