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Why am I off the 7-day orientation period?

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The Off-Orientation Period notification indicates that your system is no longer in “orientation” mode. This means that we will respond to all alarms following our standard procedures. Learn about our standard alarm responses here.

Once your security system is installed and activated, it will be in “orientation” mode for the first 7 days. This gives you some time to get comfortable using your new system without worrying about false alarms and potential related fines. During this time, Guardian will call only your primary phone number when your system sends a burglary, medical, duress, keypad fire, or panic alarm signal, and we will only notify emergency responders if you request it.

If you have a monitored smoke or carbon monoxide detector, those alarm signals will be treated normally. We will alert emergency responders when we receive this type of signal from your system, regardless of the orientation period.

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