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Is Business Security Worth It?

Business Security | Security Products

The necessity of business security cannot be stressed enough. You’ve worked hard to start and run your business. It’s important to you. So protect it with a smart business security system.

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With a mixture of the right devices and professional monitoring backed by experts, you can add a layer of protection that could be the barrier standing between you and a potential disaster. Business security helps protect you, your property, the goods you sell, and your employees. It isn’t worth the risk of leaving your business unguarded.

Why Do I Need Business Security?

Protecting your business protects what is important to you. By opening a business, you’ve made an investment and taken a risk. However, one bad day could seriously affect all of the time and energy you have put into it. In 2021, there were 586,564 incidents of burglary reported in the U.S. By adding business security to the mix, you are actively putting up obstacles between your business and any damage that may occur to it.

Adding security helps you monitor your business and keep it protected against would-be thieves. It’s also an excellent way to help protect and manage your employees. If you’re looking to keep a closer eye on what’s happening both inside and outside of your business’s location, adding one of the business security systems that is tailored to fit your needs is the best way to do so.

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Business security looks different from place to place. Each business requires a unique array of tools to keep it running as efficiently as possible. But regardless of the package of devices your business needs, one thing is certain: adding an extra layer of security to the place you have worked hard to maintain never hurts.

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24/7 Professional Monitoring

If you’re looking to have better oversight of your business, finding a security system that comes with 24/7 monitoring is the best way to do this. With professional monitoring, not only will you be able to have complete access to any alarm triggers or video recordings, but a professional monitoring team will be looking out for your business even when you’re not there.

You can’t be watching over your business all the time, but professional monitoring can. If you decide to take a (much-needed) vacation or are simply at home for the evening when something happens, your security system will notify you of potential disturbances. The system will then also alert a monitoring center. If you miss a critical notification or simply cannot answer the call, a monitoring center will contact the necessary people to make sure the situation is handled and your business remains safe.

Types of Business Security Devices

Every business is unique and therefore needs a special array of devices to protect it. Depending on what your business needs, you can mix and match various devices to get the ultimate protection. For example, below are some of Guardian Protection’s most popular devices for monitoring and managing businesses across the country.

Security Cameras

When most people think about business security, they often think about lining their businesses with cameras. Both indoor and outdoor security cameras can be useful for monitoring everything that is happening throughout your business location. These cameras allow you to have complete oversight while recording footage for later use. If necessary, this recorded footage can be viewed after something has occurred or even turned in to law enforcement.

Guardian Protection’s security cameras also come with video analytics. This feature allows the security cameras to send notifications to you describing any suspicious movement. These cameras can detect the difference between an animal, person, or vehicle, making it easier to determine potential threats.

Motion Detectors

As the name suggests, motion detectors track movement throughout your business location. If you’ve locked up for the night and want to ensure that nothing suspicious is moving throughout your business after you’ve left, motion detectors are an excellent way to monitor this. These devices also notify you and our monitoring center of any unwarranted movement. If you are not there to answer these notifications, our professional monitoring will respond to the alert and make sure that nothing is amiss.

Door & Window Sensors

Door and window sensors monitor entry points around your business and notify you when they are opened. Alternatively, you can place them on cabinets and storage containers that you don’t want to be opened without your knowledge. Notifications from the Guardian Protection app can let you know when these sensors have detected an opening. If there are entry points or containers that you want some extra monitoring for, these door & window sensors are ideal.

Glass Break Detectors

Unfortunately, many business owners know the stress of worrying about a break-in. Glass break detectors listen for the sound of glass shattering and notify you of any potential robbers. These detectors are a great tool for protecting against break-ins. If you are unable to react to a glass break detection, our monitoring center will take the necessary steps for you.

Devices That Help You Monitor and Protect

Aside from the security products above, some of our devices go above and beyond to make running your business a little bit easier.

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Access Control

Access control is the most efficient way to keep track of employees’ comings and goings. With access control, you can remotely create and delete employee access, letting you allow and restrict access to your building as you see fit. With a trackable photo badge, you can easily identify employees too. Access control is also an excellent way to record entry and exit patterns. Keeping track of your employees helps ensure that everyone at your business is looked after without any extra hoops to jump through.

Smoke & Heat Detectors

You’ve worked hard to create your business, but in a matter of minutes, an unfortunate fire can consume all of that effort. Protect your business with professionally monitored smoke & heat detectors to ensure that any potential fires are dealt with swiftly. If you are not there to answer a triggered alarm, our monitoring center will contact the fire department to handle the flames.

Smart Door Lock

Finally, smart door locks can allow you to lock and unlock your business from wherever you are in the world. This eliminates the necessity of a key and gives you the opportunity to grant access to other people in your business remotely.

You’ll never have to endure the late-night panic of trying to remember whether or not you locked up for the night. Through the Guardian Protection app, you can double-check to see if your business is locked while you’re away. And if it’s not, you can tap the button in your app to lock up from the comfort of your home.

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Digital Resources

Aside from the physical devices monitoring your business location, there are several online tools from Guardian that provide a deeper insight into what is occurring at your business locations.

Mobile App

All of our devices can be monitored through our Guardian Protection app. This single app gives you access to the various smart devices you’ve chosen to protect and optimize your business. Here, you can view relevant video recordings from your security cameras. You can also control your smart devices remotely, and access or deal with alarm trigger notifications. The Guardian Protection app is a free, one-stop spot for all of your business security management needs.

EdgePro and Interactive Services

Aside from the ease the Guardian Protection app presents, there are other digital tools that business owners can use to stay in the know with their devices. EdgePro and interactive services are online security management tools for businesses with multiple locations. These tools give you easy access to data, video, and employee access management. If you own or manage a multi-location business, these online security management tools are a great way to receive up-to-date information and monitor your business locations from wherever you are.

The Benefits of a Professionally Installed Security System

You have enough to handle with your business. Leave the installation of your new business security system to us. Having professional installers put in all of your new security devices ensures that these tools are installed correctly the first time. It also allows you to ask any questions in real-time to get important answers instantly.

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Businesses That Have Benefitted

Countless businesses have benefited from business security in the past. By providing monitoring assistance and smart devices to business owners like Joel Wagner, Guardian has been a great safety net for small and large businesses.

Check out Joel Wagner’s story to hear how Guardian Protection’s business security has helped him and his store, Wagner’s Market!

Secure Your Business

Losing valuable time and effort is not an option when you’re running a business. You shouldn’t feel like you’re gambling with fate every time you leave in the evening. Business security allows you to protect what is important to you. You can sleep well at night knowing that your devices are monitoring all of your hard work.

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