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Our Favorite Smart Home Security Posts of 2019

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We’ve had so much fun in 2019 sharing information from our blog, The Vantage Point, with you. We’ve covered security topics aplenty, safety, preparedness, smart homes, automation technology, and all things purple.

Here are just a few highlights throughout the year. Enjoy!

Why We’re Obsessed With Professional Monitoring (and You Should Be, Too)

We were over the moon to receive Monitoring Center of the Year for the second time in 2019. Why? Because we’re wild about professional monitoring. Read this post to learn why this is a V.B.D. for any security company you choose.

Smart Home Uses You Should Know About

Smart home automation uses internet-connected devices to monitor and control various things throughout your house, like lights, cameras, locks, and more. If you already have one or more home automation devices with Guardian Protection, read this post to get even more out of your Guardian system. If you’re completely new to smart home automation, we think you’ll be impressed by how intuitive and useful these products are.

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Let’s Break Down the 8 Staples of a Smarter, Safer Home

Completely new to the home security world? Think you might need it but don’t know what to look for? We’ve got you. This post outlines the 8 essentials for a truly integrated smart security solution.

Your Video Security Just Got Really, Really Smart!

In 2019, we introduced our Video Analytics feature, giving you even more control over which video alerts you receive. Using artificial intelligence, we can tell you whether a moving object in your driveway is a person, an animal, or a vehicle and alert you based on your preferences.

Smart Home Security Trends to Watch in 2020

This article highlights experts from Guardian about the trends they predict will dominate the home security and automation world in 2020. If you’re interested in smart technology or just curious about what’s popping in the security industry, check it out!

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