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10 Questions to Find the Best Home Security Company for You

Home Security

Making your home safer with smart home security starts with a decision to protect your world. This is followed by careful consideration of the layers of protection — or multi-layered deterrents — that keep your home safe, smart, and secure.

Next step? Find the right company who can help you bring your home security dreams to life! We’ve put together a checklist of 10 questions to ask yourself about any security provider you are considering.

Hint: The answers should all be “Yes!”

We’re also giving you a downloadable version of this checklist if case you need to share it or take it on the road!

Not sure what to ask a security company you’re considering? Grab this checklist.

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1. Does the security company manufacture its own equipment?

Does the company providing the service actually make its own equipment, or is it getting equipment from one or more places? This is not necessarily a bad thing. If a company isn’t manufacturing their own devices, that means their focus isn’t split between all the intricacies of producing that equipment and actually providing services that keep you safe, like professional monitoring.

2. If not, does it get its equipment from a reputable source?

It’s pretty common for security providers to install equipment manufactured by another company (again, not a bad thing). Just make sure the company you choose uses reputable brand manufacturers with top quality equipment. Keep in mind, security is the wrong place to cut corners.

3. Does the equipment use the latest encryption technology?

Encryption is a powerful way to protect private information by turning it into unique code. Just like you would want to restrict access to your cell phone or laptop, you’ll want to take precautions to keep unauthorized people from accessing your security devices.

Learn about PowerG, which uses advanced two-way encryption to help protect your system against hackers.

4. Does the equipment allow integration, so everything works together?

With a custom integrated alarm system, all of your components “talk to each other,” or work together. This is how you control multiple devices around your home (e.g., thermostat, cameras, lights) from one place. It’s a far better experience overall, and the definition of “smart.”

5. Can they design a custom system just for me, or is it one-size-fits-all?

Is your house identical to every house on your block? In your neighborhood? How about in your city? Definitely not! That’s why all of those homes shouldn’t have identical security systems.

Even if you have a similar home to others on your street, that doesn’t mean you have the same family and lifestyle as all those other people. Maybe you have kids in school, and a video doorbell will reassure you that they’ve arrived home safely in the afternoon. Maybe you travel 50% of the year, and need video surveillance for your entire property. Or maybe you use your side door as much as your front door, and need more door sensors than the average Joe.

Life isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your security system shouldn’t be, either.

6. If my needs change, can I add more equipment later?

You may know exactly what you need now, but what about in 5 years? Your security needs may change over time, and you’ll want the freedom to add new devices to your system later if you need them. FInd a company who provides a security system that can grow with you.

7. Can the equipment be controlled from a mobile app?

Part of the beauty of smart home security is being able to check in and access your home anytime, from anywhere. That’s easier and more convenient with a mobile app — one single mobile app that can do everything from arming your system to adjusting the thermostat.

8. Is the equipment compatible with my favorite devices, like my smartphone, tablet, smart watch, and smart home assistant?

Consider all the devices you keep on your person and around your house. You’ll want them to play nicely with your security system. For example, if you use Alexa, ask if the security company’s equipment is Alexa-compatible so you can use voice control to control your system.

9. Will they install my equipment for me, or do I have to do it myself?

Find out if the security company offers professional installation. This is a bigger question than who is physically mounting your equipment. Beyond the installing and the wiring, professional install means a security expert will be on-site to evaluate your home’s specific needs and make informed recommendations that can make a world of difference.

10. Is the equipment user-friendly, or will there be a big learning curve?

Even with the best team behind it, a security system still needs to be used regularly to be effective. The harder it is to learn and understand, the less likely you are to use it — especially if you’re not extremely tech-savvy. Good equipment should be simple and intuitive for everyone.

What’s the best home security system in my area?

Shopping for a security company? Our guide has everything you need to choose the perfect security provider for you. Check it out:

Grab our essential guide for choosing a home security system!

Download PDF

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