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Monitoring 101: The Basics of Guardian Alarm Monitoring

We believe professionally monitored security is the only truly smart security, so we include it with every Guardian Protection security system. 

Our state-of-the-art monitoring operations help protect our customers against burglary, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, water damage, and more. We’re ready to jump into action 24/7 to send help directly to you when you need it most.  

How do I know the monitoring center is calling me?  

If your alarm goes off, our monitoring center will often call you and your emergency contacts to make sure you get the help you need. It’s very important that you know when we’re calling, so be sure to program the number into your phone right away: 1.800.364.3616   

If you have Caller I.D., this number will come up as “GUARDIAN.” 

Why our monitoring team has a dedicated phone line

Spam calls are becoming a bigger and bigger problem, especially for cell phone users. We’ve found that many people don’t answer their phone if they don’t recognize the number. Touching base with customers and emergency contacts are essential ways our monitoring center helps keep you safe. Having one dedicated line that’s only used by our monitoring center allows you to save the number in your contacts and always know when Guardian’s monitoring team is calling you.

Make sure you don’t miss a call from our monitoring team

Here are some tips to help our Protection Specialists reach you with important calls about your security:  

  • Program the number 800.364.3616 into your cell phone so you’ll know who’s calling at a glance.  
  • Write this number on any lists of important numbers you have in your home.  
  • Tell your emergency contacts to program this number in their phones.  
  • Use this number to notify the monitoring center of a false alarm or to return a call from the monitoring center.  
  • Never place this number on your “Spam” or “Block Caller” list.  
  • If you are using the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your cell phone, be sure to add Guardian’s monitoring center number to the list of callers who can break through. Please note there are different instructions on how to allow exceptions for different Android and iOS devices on Do Not Disturb mode.  

This number will only be used by the monitoring center when calling a customer or emergency contact. For all other customer service questions, please call 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328).  

Learn what to expect from the monitoring center when an alarm goes off here. 

Tips for preventing accidental alarms  

It’s completely normal be a little worried about accidentally setting off your alarm in the beginning. Accidents happen, and that’s OK! Our monitoring team will respond to any alarm we receive as a true emergency, until informed otherwise.  

Here’s what you can do if you trip your alarm by accident:  

  • Cancel the alarm via the Cancel Alarm button in the app  
  • Cancel the alarm via your control panel    

If you are not able to cancel the alarm during the delay period, you may receive a phone call from our monitoring center to make sure you’re safe.   

The most common way people accidently set off their alarm is by forgetting to disarm their system, or not knowing their system is armed. We recommend setting up custom rules and notifications for arming and disarming your system. For example, create a rule to have your system automatically disarm when someone unlocks the front door.   

If you have one of our more recent control panels, you can also set up Bluetooth disarming through your security panel. When you’re within 15 feet of your panel, the system will automatically disarm. And you can always use the Guardian app to quickly arm or disarm your system from anywhere.   

Another common cause of false alarms is visitors who aren’t familiar with your security system.   

We’re talking family members, dog sitters, or anyone else who isn’t using your system on a regular basis. If someone will be coming over when you’re not around, teach them the basics. You can even give them their own four-digit user code. As a bonus, assigning unique user codes helps you keep track of who’s coming and going.   

You don’t have to learn everything overnight, and we’re always here to help. Plus, we give everyone a 7-day orientation period so they can get the hang of using their system. Similarly, you can place your system on Test Period at any time to let a new user get used to the system.  

Did you know having professionally monitored home security could make you eligible for a homeowner’s insurance discount? Learn more about your Certificate of Monitoring here.  

What you should know about Guardian’s monitoring team 

We believe the quality of a security company’s monitoring center — that’s the team responding to your system’s alarms — can make a big impact on the outcome of an emergency. Here’s just a few reasons why Guardian monitoring is the right choice. 

Award-winning. We were given the prestigious honor of Monitoring Center of the Year, twice!  

Always there for you. Guardian’s monitoring center doesn’t take days off and someone is always ready to help, even if you’re away from home.  

Community-focused. Many alarm companies outsource this service to a third party, but Guardian does it all in-house, and our operations are 100% percent U.S.-based. That means we live in the same communities we help protect.  

Outstanding employee training. We take our responsibility to the local community and our monitored security customers extremely seriously — and we demonstrate this through our investment of time, money, and commitment to quality operator training. Our Protection Specialists are rigorously trained on an ongoing basis, and take great pride in their work.  

Certified excellence. Our monitoring operations are U.L. Certified. That means that Underwriters Laboratories, the largest and best known independent, not-for-profit safety- and quality-testing laboratory in the world, has certified that Guardian Protection’s monitoring center adheres to the highest standards and meets strict requirements. 

Our monitoring centers have held Five Diamond level accreditation from The Monitoring Association (TMA) for over 15 years. To put that in perspective, of the 2,700 U.S. monitoring centers that communicate and interact with police, fire, and EMS, fewer than two hundred – fewer than seven percent – have Five Diamond accreditation! Even more impressive? Fewer than one percent of companies with more than one monitoring center are Five Diamond accredited.   

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