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How do I know which password or code to use for my account?

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It is important to know and keep track of your Guardian Protection passwords and codes. This information is vital to your protection and management of your account. 

Verbal Master Alarm Password

Single word used to verify your identity when an alarm is triggered or when speaking to Guardian Protection. This password gives you authority to make changes on your account. You won’t want to share this password with many people. 

Verbal Limited Level Password

When you are giving access to your home or business to someone you may want to assign a limited password used to verify their identity when an alarm is triggered or when speaking to Guardian Protection, but this password has limited authority and cannot authorize changes on your account. 

Master Panel Code

Numeric code used to arm and disarm your security system at your panel. This code is also used to add, remove, or change codes in your panel.

Duress Code

Numeric code that will disarm your security system at your panel, but silently notifies Guardian of an emergency. 

Limited Level Code

To give someone temporary access to your home or business, you can assign them a limited level code that can only be used for a specific amount of time. You can add a limited code at your keypad or by calling us at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328). 

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