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Smartphone Panic Signal: Get Help Faster With the Guardian App

In an emergency, if you are unable to dial 9-1-1, you can send a panic signal to the Monitoring Center directly from the Guardian app. 

If an emergency occurs at your home while you are away, you can simply press the Panic button on your app and the Monitoring Center will notify emergency help immediately. Please note emergency assistance will always be directed to the site address where your alarm system is located. 

The Panic option is under the Security System section of your app, under the panel status.

The Guardian app’s Panic button is similar to sending a Panic signal from your Guardian security system panel or activating your key fob. While a key fob only operates within a certain range of the alarm panel, the app Panic can be activated from anywhere as long as you have your smartphone with you and your device has internet service. 

Where to Find the Panic Button

To access the Panic feature in the event of an emergency, follow the steps below.

  • Open your Guardian app.
  • Go to the Security System Section
  • Find the Panic button.
  • Select the emergency you need assistance for.

This feature is easily accessible to ensure a swift response in an emergency.

How the Panic Button on Your Guardian App Works

When you tap the Panic button, your options may vary based on your security panel’s capabilities.

If you have the Guardian IQ2 panel, you will see all four possible options:

  • Police: You need police assistance
  • Fire: You need the fire department
  • Silent: You need police assistance but want your system to stay silent
  • Auxiliary: You need medical assistance in the form of EMS or an ambulance

If you have the Simon XTi, Simon XT, Concord 4, or the 2GIG you will only see the silent panic option.

When you choose a type of Panic, you’ll be asked to “press and hold” for a couple of seconds until the bar becomes completely shaded. This helps keep you from accidentally signaling a panic situation and helps prevent false alarms.

Then, you will receive a notification that a Panic signal will be sent in three seconds. This allows you the chance to cancel your Panic signal or to send it immediately with the Send Now button. When the Panic signal has been sent, your phone will notify you. Guardian’s Monitoring team will follow its normal procedures for Panic signals. Your emergency contacts will receive a call in the case of a Police, Fire, or Auxiliary panic. No one will be notified if you send a Silent Panic except law enforcement.

This option allows you more ability to use your Guardian security system in an emergency with your smartphone. Remember, if you send the Panic signal from a location other than your home, the proper emergency personnel will still be sent to your home and not your current location, since your home is the premise monitored by Guardian. The Panic button should only be used if you need the police, fire department, or an ambulance sent to your home in an emergency situation.

If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to call us at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328).

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