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3G Home Security Upgrade

Have questions about how the 3G update impacts your Guardian security system?

We’re here with the answers.

You may have received multiple communications from us by phone, email, or printed letter about the 3G upgrade. Here’s some background on what’s happening, and how this important change affects you.

Your Guardian Protection security system’s cellular communicator currently operates on a 2G or 3G cellular network to send vital fire alarm, security alarm, and other signals to our monitoring station. Unfortunately, national cellular carriers across the United States are planning to shut down older cellular networks, like 2G and 3G, and switch to newer cellular networks, like 4G LTE. Once the transition occurs, unless your security system’s cellular communicator has been upgraded, it will no longer send alarm signals to our monitoring station and we will be unable to receive or respond to those alarm signals.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

FAQ: I received a notice that my security system needs a cellular communicator upgrade.  What happens during the upgrade and how long does it take to complete?

We will evaluate your system onsite for the proper way to upgrade the cellular communicator. This typically takes less than an hour.

FAQ: Will my security system features change with the upgrade?

Upgrading your security system’s communicator to a 4G LTE will not change your system’s features. 

FAQ: I am concerned about having someone in my house at this time due to COVID. What precautions will be taken?

We take your concerns about COVID-19 very seriously. We continue to follow the most current guidance from leading government and health authorities to keep our customers and employees as safe as possible. Guardian Protection and its approved subcontractors will, as always, adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and follow state and local guidelines for protective personal equipment (PPE) and social distancing.

Read Guardian’s full response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).


If you have any additional questions about the 3G upgrade or are interested in additional smart home security products, contact Guardian Protection at 844.247.4351.

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