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Using Smart Home Devices to Manage Your Airbnb Security

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Having an Airbnb for passive income doesn’t mean you should be passive about protecting it. We know that you want to secure your property while simplifying the space’s upkeep. Guardian Protection can help make managing your rental spaces easier with remote control of your smart devices and security systems. Below are just a few examples of some helpful devices and features to increase your Airbnb security.

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The Devices That Are an Airbnb Host’s Best Friends

There are many helpful smart home security and automation devices that can help protect and manage your Airbnb property. By utilizing smart devices throughout your space, not only will you increase your Airbnb security with state-of-the-art equipment, but you will also be optimizing your property to help you save money, time, and stress.

Limit Access With a Smart Lock

Safety starts at the front door. Smart locks are a great way to grant and rescind access to a place by creating unique, temporary codes. These codes can be given to guests and will expire after their stay, so after their time is up, they will no longer have access to the place. These codes can be customized and changed each time a new guest stays so that you never have to worry about a person overstaying or barging in on new occupants.

Total Front Door Awareness With a Video Doorbell

Additionally, having a video doorbell gives you the ability to see tenants as they arrive. You can communicate with them through the two-way audio feature to relay instructions or simply to check in to ensure their safe arrival by accessing the video doorbell’s 24/7 live view.

Outdoor Cameras for Property Protection

Keep an eye on your overall property by using outdoor cameras around the area for complete, 24/7 oversight. Live feeds can be accessed any time of the day so that you can check in if you suspect any suspicious activity. You can also use these cameras as a way to ensure that everything is intact. Video analytics features can also give you a clearer oversight of any activity on your property as well as notify you of unwanted or unexpected arrivals.

Don’t Have Outdoor Cameras Yet? Add Them to Your Property!

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Save on Energy With Smart Plugs

Sometimes guests can be a little forgetful. For example, they may leave their toiletries behind or forget to turn off the lamps. With smart plugs, you won’t have to worry about forgetful tenants raising your energy bill again. Pluggable devices can be managed remotely through your Guardian Protection mobile app, where you can view their status and adjust them accordingly. If they did, in fact, leave some pluggable devices on, you can turn them off with a few taps for some extra peace of mind.

Smart Thermostats for Remote Climate Control

Additionally, arming your Airbnb with a smart thermostat can make managing the temperature of your property as simple as a couple of taps from your phone. You can adjust your Airbnb’s temperature remotely to save money on energy bills when you’re between guests.

Additional Features for Complete Peace of Mind

The right smart security devices are packed with beneficial features to make your life even easier. Ideally, your Airbnb security system will not only protect your property 24/7 but also grant additional benefits to make managing your rental properties as seamless as possible. Below are just a few examples that accompany some of our Guardian devices.

Get Notified of a Guest’s Arrival With a Tripwire

The tripwire feature is an easy way to be notified when your guest has driven onto your property. You can receive an alert of their arrival by establishing a virtual “tripwire” through your outdoor camera that sends you a notification when it is crossed. Therefore, you can receive real-time updates on your guest’s arrival and departure to make sure that their stay is running smoothly.

Guardian Protection tripwire feature sending a mobile notification

Never Forget to Lock Up With Remote Arming

Being able to arm your system without having to visit the property allows you to secure the rental unit remotely. If your guests leave and you want to lock up the place between visitors, you can arm your security system through the Guardian app to ensure that the property remains safe during the lapse in visitors.

Round-the-Clock Reassurance With 24/7 Monitoring

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to check in on a place you aren’t at often. Fortunately, even though you aren’t thinking about your Airbnb around the clock, Guardian is protecting it 24/7. When an alarm is triggered by your Airbnb security system, Guardian will be notified of the disturbance and will react accordingly, even if you are not available to take care of the situation. With our round-the-clock monitoring, you can be assured that if something is wrong and an alarm is triggered, regardless of whether someone is in the house, Guardian will go through the necessary steps to make sure that the place is secured.

Protect Your Property

There are many ways you can utilize your smart security devices to manage your Airbnbs while you’re not there. Remote adjustments and security oversights can help give you complete peace of mind that your property is well looked after.

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