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Should I DIY My Home Security?

Home Security

Sure, you can cut your own hair.

You can give yourself stitches after a bad injury.

You can even slide under the hood of your car to change those squeaky brakes.

Don’t get us wrong. We love a good DIY project.

…But, just because you can DIY, should you?

We get it. It feels that there are endless options when it comes to securing your home. And DIY home security systems may seem like an attractive option to secure your home. Many people feel confident that they can tackle the install without a problem. But, it’s never as easy as it looks.

DIY involves picking out all the devices on your own or mixing and matching devices from a big box store. While the system you’ve built is great in theory, you might not be aware of the holes in your brand-new system until it’s too late.

Did you know that improper placement of motion detectors can lead to costly accidental alarms? That your WiFi strength affects the quality of your video surveillance? Or that even with several security devices, there can be gaps that make your home much less safe than you think it is?

With your family’s safety on the line, it’s risky to not leave your home security to the experts.

What professional installation brings to the table

Here’s what you can expect when you have a trained professional install your home security system:

  • A thorough consultation to determine what you really need
  • A custom system designed just for you
  • Confidence that all devices are placed correctly
  • Education and advice from someone who does this all day, every day
  • Recommendations to close any gaps in your security system
  • Personal instruction on how to set up and use your system
  • Confirmation that your system is working properly
  • Immediate answers to any questions that come up

Why choose professionally monitored home security systems

Another important (possibly the most important) piece of the home security puzzle is who responds when your system is triggered. You can choose professional monitoring or no monitoring.

Many big-box security devices you see online or in stores are not monitored. The only person looking at your alarm status is, well, you. Sure, you can “monitor” your home using the mobile app and can receive alerts if something goes wrong, but what happens once that alert is sent? It’s on you to get help.

Truth be told, true home security is a full-time job and a serious commitment. Picture this: you’re walking out of a meeting and see that your window was being tampered with an hour ago. Those handy alerts aren’t always so handy after all. While it’s certainly helpful to get an alert on your smartphone, it’s much better to get a phone call that a trained team has already notified the authorities.

Let’s face it. Many home security companies entered the industry as an afterthought or to bring in more revenue by entering a new market. They don’t live and breathe home security. They don’t have a local team monitoring your home 24/7/365 to help keep you safe.

Like we mentioned earlier, there many home security services to choose from. We want you to have all the necessary resources when it comes to choosing a home security provider, so do yourself a favor by checking out this guide.

Grab our essential guide for choosing a home security system!

Download PDF

Every home and every life is different, but they do share one thing in common – both are better when they’re safe.

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