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What is a guard service?


In some locations, a guard service may be required by your local jurisdiction (this is not common).

Before responding to an alarm activation, the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) in your area may require verification from a third party to determine whether there is a legitimate need for an AHJ response. This is also known as “verified response.” 

If a guard service exists in your area and verified response is required, Guardian may call them to investigate an alarm signal. If the guard service determines an actual need for the AHJ, the AHJ will then be notified to respond. If your alarm system is in a verified response area, it’s recommended that professionally trained personnel respond to investigate instead of you, because the situation may be dangerous.

To find out if verified response is required in your area, contact your local police, sheriff, or fire department using their non-emergency telephone number. You can also find your local ordinance online. 

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