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Glass Break Detector Image 1
Glass Break Detector Image 1
Glass Break Detector Image 1

Glass Break Detector

  • Monitors multiple locations
  • Range up to 20 feet
  • Layered protection
  • Wireless

Glass break detectors give you an extra layer of security by responding to the sound and vibration of breaking glass. They’re suitable for many types of glass (tempered, laminated, plate glass) and windows (casement, double-hung, sliding doors).

Layered protection

Glass break detectors are the perfect complement to door and window contacts. The devices work together to alert you to multiple types of break-ins.

A security multi-tasker

One glass break detector covers multiple locations within up to 20 feet of the glass break.

Additional Benefits

Strengthens coverage

Adding glass breaks can strengthen the monitoring in other areas of the home.

Wireless device

No need to drill into your walls. Your install tech will place it in the appropriate spot.

A great listener

This glass break device is listening for patterns to detect a break-in.

Reduced accidental alarms

Glass breaks can be a key indicator of an intruder, not an accidental alarm.

Frequently asked questions

Glass breaks are great for monitoring rooms with multiple ground-level, easy-to-reach windows. Also, glass breaks pick up where door/window sensors leave off. While window contacts are very effective, if a burglar smashes a window instead of opening it, glass breaks become a vital layer of protection.
Yes. While rare, it’s possible for a dropped glass, a dropped pan, and surround sound systems to set off a glass break.
A glass break detector is 2.75" H x 3.88" W x 1.50" D.
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