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How to Prepare for a Professional Installation Appointment with Guardian

If you have scheduled an installation appointment for a new Guardian system, congrats! We’re so excited to help make your home safer and smarter, and we hope you are, too. Let’s walk through what to expect during your professional installation. To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, we’ll also provide some tips to help you prepare. 

Scheduling your appointment 

You will be given a window of time during which your technician should arrive. Because the length of appointments varies, these windows allow our techs to maximize the number of customers they can serve while also being able to give each customer the amount of time they need. Understand that this two- or four-hour window of time relates to the approximate hour of day when your technician will arrive, not the amount of time the appointment will require. 

What will the technician do during my installation appointment? 

First, you’ll confirm with your tech where your Guardian control panel will be. Your panel is the hub that connects you to all your devices internally, and to Guardian externally. It’s important that you have easy access to your panel, and that your panel communicates with all your sensors and devices.   

You and your tech will also do a walkthrough to confirm the placement of your other devices.   Depending on your home layout and construction, this may vary a little bit from the initial proposal. This is to ensure your system delivers the best results. 

Afterward, your tech will get to work installing and pairing your smart devices around your home. Meanwhile, you can just relax and watch a couple quick intro videos. These videos will help you get to know your Guardian security panel and the Guardian app.  

Finally, after all your equipment is set up and tested, your tech will meet with you again to explain everything. They’ll cover all the work that’s been done, show you the basics of how to use your system and the app, and explain your passwords and passcodes.  

How to prepare for my install appointment  

Here’s what you should have ready when it’s time for your installation:  

  • Someone home who is over the age of 18. If possible, this should be someone who helps manage your smart home (They will need to verify where devices are being placed and answer any questions the tech has.) 
  • Working internet (we’ll need it to connect your devices!) 
  • Your Wi-Fi password 
  • A smartphone, tablet, or laptop 
  • Email access for the Guardian account holder 
  • Pets secured somewhere safe while we install your equipment 
  • Download the Guardian app. Just search “Guardian Protection” on your favorite app store. (That’s all you need to do ahead of time! Your tech help you log in and explain the app later.) 

More useful steps prior to install  

Prepare your home. Before an installation, you may have discussed with your Guardian sales representative where your security equipment will be placed. Prepare for the technician to be in these areas of your home. They will need to be able to move freely in these areas while they work, so make sure these rooms aren’t blocked by things like large furniture.  

Secure personal items. Consider any fragile or valuable items you would prefer to move prior to installation. Thinking through the possibilities ahead of time allows you to be comfortable on the day of your appointment. 

Start your emergency contacts list. Your emergency contacts are a list of people you would like you would like our monitoring team to call during an alarm. 

Learn more about emergency contacts here.  

Prepare your questions. To get the most out of your installation, jot down any questions you may have ahead of time. This will help the tech provide the information most important to you. 

What to do if you need to make a change 

If you need to reschedule or cancel your installation appointment, please call 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328). We’ll do everything we can to make your appointment as convenient as possible! 

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