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I would be happy to help you with securing your home and family. I have been helping families secure their homes all over the state of Virginia. I take your safety very seriously and want to design a security system that meets both your needs and your budget. Guardian Protection has the latest in technology for security, home automation, and video surveillance. I can also help to secure your small business. We have small business solutions to meet your needs. I am available to come to your home or business for a free consultation.

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About Me

I’ve been a part of the Vintage — now Guardian Protection — Family for about 8 years, prior to which my family and I have been using home security and technologies for about 18+ years. My family consists of two wonderfully grown children who, since leaving home, also use Guardian Protection in their homes. Not only does it give my husband and I peace of mind knowing our family is safe, but also gives us a sense of connection with the distance that comes with finding your paths in life. Part of my job is helping to integrate your customized technology into your lifestyle, to also give you peace of mind whenever you come home. I look forward to building with you the same confidence with Guardian for your family, that I do with my own.

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