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What does the flashing light mean on my lock?

Equipment | Locks | Troubleshooting

Our Kwikset smart door locks use an LED guide to indicate lock status. To determine if your lock is a Kwikset lock, look for the brand name look on the number pad. It should say “Kwikset” near the keyhole. 

Here’s what the colors mean:

  • A green light means it is unlocked. 
  • An amber or orange-colored light means it is locked. 
  • A red light means the device has a low battery.

IMPORTANT: If your lock is flashing red, we recommend changing the batteries as soon as possible. If the batteries die completely, you will not be able to unlock the door using your keypad outside or via the Guardian app.

To learn how to change your smart lock batteries, watch this short instructional video.

If your lock is not a Kwikset, please check the manufacturer’s owner manual for more information.

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