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Why is my smart thermostat changing the temperature on its own?

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There are a few different things you can check if your thermostat is changing the set point temperature on its own. Please use the below check list for more information.

  • Check your thermostat schedule on Your thermostat could be changing the temperature because it is running this schedule. You have the option of using a feature called Smart Away with thermostat schedules. This allows the temperature to be set to your Away temperature when you have your system armed in Away mode or when your device leaves your geo-fence.
  • You may be enrolled in a feature called Give Back, Get Back. This feature will allow your energy provider to offset your thermostat setpoint during peak hours to lesson the load of the power grid. To remove this feature:

1. Log into

2. In your thermostat card, click the > icon.

3. Click Give Back, Get Back.

4. Click Settings and Notifications.

5. Click the toggle switches to disable Give Back, Get Back Sign Up and Notify for Give Back, Get Back Activity.

6. Click the X to close the window.

  • You may be using a Scene that involves your thermostat. Check your Scenes under Automation on or in the Guardian app under Scenes.
  • Your thermostat may have the ability to program a schedule on the thermostat itself. These thermostats are usually installed by your home builder. Please see the manual of your thermostat or contact your builder for more information on your thermostat.

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