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How do I view my video camera live?

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You can view your video camera live from either the Guardian app or MyGuardianHome on your desktop.

If you’re using the Guardian app: 

1. On the home screen, scroll down to Video. (If you are trying to view a video doorbell camera, go to the Doorbell section.)

2. Click on the thumbnail (picture) from your camera.

3. Live video from your camera should load on your screen. 

4. Click End Call when you want to exit the camera live view. 

If you’re using your desktop: 

1. Login to 

2. Click Video on the left-hand side. 

3. Click Live View. 

4. The camera’s live view should load on your screen. (Skybell Video Doorbell Cameras are not viewable live on the website.) 

Note: Internet Explorer, Edge Legacy, and Safari (version 10 and below) are no longer supported, which may impact the website functionality. The following browsers are recommended: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (version 10.1+), or Edge Chromium. 

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