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How do I set up automation rules for my light?

Equipment | Lights

To set up automation rules for your lights via your Guardian Protection app, follow these steps:
  1. Log into the Guardian Protection app.
  2. Tap  icn-menu.svg.
  3. Tap Automation.
  4. Tap  icn-add.svg  to create a new rule.
  5. Enter a name for the new rule.
  6. Next to when, tap Select.
  7. Tap the trigger device type, then tap Next.
  8. Select the trigger device(s) and trigger action, then tap Done.
  9. Next to then, tap Select.
  10. Select the automation device, then tap Next.
  11. Select the automation action, then tap Done.
  12. If desired, next to Run at all times, tap Select to edit when the rule will run.
    • Tap to select At All Times for the rule will be carried out any time of day.
    • Tap to select Only during the following times to determine the specific days and times the rule will be carried out.
      1. In Day(s), tap to select the days the rule will be active.
      2. Using the Starting at dropdown menu, tap the start time for this rule.
      3. Using the Ending at dropdown menu, tap the end time for this rule.
  13. After selecting times for the rule to run, tap Done.
  14. Verify the rule is configured with the correct settings.
  15. Tap Save.
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