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How do I change my Verbal Alarm Password?

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Your Verbal Alarm Password is the single word used to verify your identity when an alarm is triggered or when speaking to Guardian Protection. This password gives you authority to make changes on your account, so you won’t want to share this password with many people.  

You can update your Verbal Alarm Password any time by logging into your Guardian account and following these steps:  

1. Choose Monitored Services.

2. From Monitored Services, click Verbal Alarm Password.  

3. Enter your current Verbal Alarm Password when prompted.  

4. You will be prompted to enter your current Verbal Alarm Password again, and then enter your new Verbal Password twice.   

5. Click the Save button. Your Verbal Alarm Password is now updated! 

Please memorize your new Verbal Alarm Password, because it’s the number one way we verify your identity in the event of an alarm or future correspondence.  

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