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How do I arm my system and bypass a specific zone on the IQ panel?

Equipment | My System | Panels

Your system will not allow you to arm when you have a trouble with a sensor in your home or when a door or window is open. To bypass a sensor that is having issues or that you wish to leave open, please follow these steps:

1. Press the green System Disarmed icon.

2. Select Arm Stay or Arm Away

3. Your system will automatically bypass the trouble or open zone.

If you wish to exclude a zone that is not having a trouble condition or one that is open, please follow these steps:

1. Press the Green System Disarmed icon.

2. Press the arrow on the right side of the arming popup.

3. On the expanded view, in the top right, switch the view from Active to All.

4. Find the zone you wish to bypass. Tap the open circle icon next to the zone.

5. Select Arm Stay or Arm Away.

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