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How can I put my Nest Thermostat on the Guardian App?

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You can add your Nest thermostat on the MyGuardianHome website. It’s not possible to add this via the Guardian Protection app. But once added on MyGuardianHome, you can control it through the app.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Log into

2. Click Settings on the left-hand side menu.

3. Click Manage Devices.

4. Click Add Device

5. Click Thermostat. If you do not see the Thermostat option, please reach out to us at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328). We will need to enable the service on your account.

6. Click Google Nest Thermostat from the menu.

7. Click Begin Installation.

8. Enter the primary Google account login information.

The following features are available for the Nest thermostat on the Guardian App:

  • Target temperature control
  • Heat or Cool control
  • Scene Thermostat control

A Z-Wave thermostat installed by Guardian has additional features:

  • Integrated remote temperature sensing
  • Thermostat and Fan schedules
  • Fan Mode control
  • Rule-based automation:
    • Temperature control when you arm Away or leave a geo-fence.
    • Temperature control when you leave a sensor open.
    • Automatically adjust the target temperature in extreme heat or cold.
    • Fire safety shut-off when a fire alarm is triggered.
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