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For Our Favorites: A Valentine to our Monitoring Center Protection Specialists

The Guardian Story

One of the best parts of belonging to Team Guardian? Just when you think your teammates can’t make you any prouder, we have a year like 2020, and the bar gets raised once again. We’re talking about the amazing individuals in our 24/7 monitoring centers.

You’re the critical thread between the people we serve and the help they need. Your work isn’t easy. You’re on call 24/7, keeping watch, even when most of us are encouraged to stay home. Guardian customers rely on you to always be there, and you show up with a smile.

Many times when you get on the phone with a customer for the first time, it’s at one of their most difficult moments. But because you do, they feel less alone and less afraid.

We call you “Heroes,” and it’s not just lip service. You help save lives. You ask customers in need if they feel safe, and you don’t get off the phone until you’re sure they do. You’re serious when it matters, compassionate when it matters, and quick when it matters.

Put simply, you’ve got our backs, and we appreciate you. In fact, we heart you, Protection Specialists.


Team Guardian

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