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How Any Organization Can Use A Mass Notification System to Improve Safety

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Most business owners will at some point face a situation where it’s critical to communicate with one or more groups of people, right now. You may need to share an update on shutdown requirements or risk levels during a pandemic like COVID-19. Maybe a suspicious package was abandoned on your site. Or, you need to warn a large group of people that a building you own has a carbon monoxide leak.

No one wants to think about an event like this, but every organization should be prepared for one. And if you don’t have a solid emergency communication system for your business, there is a critical gap in your workplace safety plan. An emergency notification system, or mass notification system, can help fill that gap for institutions and businesses of all sizes and provide a more secure environment.

The term “mass notification” could mean different things to different people, so here’s a quick explanation of what a real-time emergency notification system is, and how it can help institutions and businesses of all sizes.

What is a mass notification system?

It’s a real-time messaging solution that lets organizations send messages, announcements, and threat alerts to large but targeted groups on one simple platform. Messages can be sent and received on an easy-to-use mobile app, so recipients get critical alerts delivered directly to their personal devices. Operators can build out custom messages ahead of time for common events — or even a worst-case scenarios — and set up triggers that would activate them.

A mass notification platform enhances your existing crisis response plan, minimizes disruption, and improves safety. In seconds, everyone on your property can be made aware of a serious situation and receive clear instructions on how to respond.

It’s all about getting the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Read on to learn about how that works.

Guardian Protection icon of a cell phone receiving a message

Get the right message… 

Clarity is key to successful communication, especially in a stressful situation. Eye-catching, full-screen infographics help you grab the attention of recipients when you need it most. Notifications even appear on the lock screen of connected devices.

Because you’re using one unified platform, people who receive these messages know the information is coming from a trustworthy source.

Guardian Protection icon for a group of people

To the right people…

Missing an important message or an alert could impact someone’s safety. Precious minutes are lost when a message is getting routed and re-routed through different channels.

If a critical event occurred at your workplace or campus, you already have a good idea of who you would want to handle it. Using a typical office setting as an example, you probably wouldn’t expect the receptionist to take control of a crisis; you would want the building manager or someone in a security role to immediately know what’s happening so they can take the appropriate action.

With a mass notification system, you have full control over which messages go to which groups of people.

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At the right time.

Every second counts in an emergency, because saving time may equal saving lives.

Mass notification also makes communication between organizations and authorities quicker and easier, cutting down response time.

Plus, these systems are equipped with reporting capabilities that let you track nearly every interaction with your audience. As recipients view your message, the platform tracks and reports it so you know the message was received.

What types of businesses can use mass notification?

Basically, any organization that has executives, employees, customers, or students visiting its site with whom they want to communicate quickly — especially in an emergency.

Here are just a few possibilities:

An anonymous bomb threat is reported in an elementary school.

A cell phone receiving a mass notification about a bomb threat alert at an elementary school.

An employee in an office setting is displaying aggressive and potentially violent behavior.

A cell phone receiving a mass notification about a workplace disruption.

There is an active shooter on a college campus.

A cell phone receiving a mass notification about an active shooter on a college campus.

An unknown individual is spotted in a manufacturing plant, possibly armed.

A cell phone receiving a mass notification for an intruder alert.

A faster method for crisis alerts

A mass notification system can help you create a safer environment for employees, customers, students, or anyone else who visits your site.

Learn more about how Guardian Protection can help you protect your organization, or request a free consultation.

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