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Help Protect Yourself From Porch Pirates

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March 21, 2018

What are porch pirates?

You may have heard more recently about a new kind of thief called porch pirates. These thieves steal packages from your front door, which has become easier than ever because of the popularity of online shopping. Companies like Amazon have taken precautions to prevent this; they now send you a picture of your package on your porch at delivery.

You don’t have to go that far to help protect your packages. There’s another way. You can check in on your porch and be notified when there is motion at your front door with a video doorbell. You can take advantage of all the online deals you want, and know the minute the delivery person arrives with those packages.

How video doorbells work

With a video doorbell, when a delivery person rings your doorbell, you will hear it on your phone. You can talk through your phone to let the person know where to put the package if you have a preference. You’ll know that package has been placed where you requested.

If you’re at work or away from the house when your package is delivered, the most opportune time for porch pirates to strike is while the package is left outside until you get home. The motion detection feature on the video doorbell will trigger when someone walks up to your front porch. You can capture a video clip and you could even talk through the doorbell to potentially startle any thieves by letting them know they’re being recorded. Your video clips will be time stamped and stored so that you can save them to your phone’s photo/video gallery if you need evidence that your package was stolen, or to show that trespassers were on your property.

The video doorbell offers night vision so that you can you can see your packages or a potential thief anytime, day or night. It also functions in variable weather so it can continue to work for you even if it’s a very cold winter or a sweltering summer.

Check out this news report about how one of our customers caught a porch pirate on video with their Guardian video doorbell. This sort of thievery is occurring more and more, and you want to help protect yourself as much as you can.

The video doorbell has many other potential uses, too. Here are just a few:

  • See when your kids get home from school and enter the front door.
  • Answer the door from your phone without a home chime so you don’t wake your sleeping baby.
  • Let a visitor know that you’ll be down shortly if you’re in the middle of something when the doorbell rings.
  • Know if the babysitter invites over an unapproved guest.
  • Decide whether you want to open the door by seeing who is at the door first.
  • Use with other smart home devices like a keyless entry smart door lock.

Outdoor cameras can help, too

Don’t have a video doorbell or the capability to add one? Outdoor surveillance cameras can also help deter and catch porch pirates if installed in the front of your home. Guardian’s outdoor surveillance cameras can also be triggered by motion and will help you see any significant movement around the front of your house. While you won’t have two way voice capabilities, you can still at least see what is going on and have video clips in the case of a package being stolen.

If you’re interested in home security or looking to upgrade, call 1.800.PROTECT!

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