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Grateful for Guardian: The Dog Stop [Video]

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Running a successful small business can be rrrufff. Having a smart security system to help keep everything safe makes it a whole lot easier!

Just ask Mike Oldaker, owner of The Dog Stop. Located in Wexford, PA, The Dog Stop is a full-service dog care facility. They offer day care, boarding, grooming, and lots of love for your fuzziest friends.

In this video, Mike tells us why he and the fur babies he takes care of are #GratefulforGuardian’s business security.

You’re not gonna want to miss this one, but be warned: The video you are about to see contains dangerously high levels of cuteness.

We had so much fun exploring The Dog Stop and seeing in person what a warm, fun environment Mike and his team created for the dogs he cares for.

“I’m grateful for Guardian Protection because we are in the business of taking care of people’s fur babies. Using Guardian gives us that extra sense of comfort knowing we’re giving them a very safe environment.”

Mike Oldaker, Owner of The Dog Stop

A pup’s stay at The Dog Stop can last anywhere from an hour to three week — an enormous amount of responsibility when you’re watching someone’s fur babies. It’s easy to see why Mike chose Guardian Protection to help keep his visitors safe while in his care.

Click here to watch the #GratefulForGuardian playlist!

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