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Everything You Need To Know About the Prewire Process

Home Security

At this stage in building your home, Guardian is putting together all the background work that is needed to make sure your new technology works together. When it’s finally time to move in, you will be ready to connect whatever services you choose including home security, high-speed internet, digital audio, high-definition TV, and more.

Inside of a customer's living room who used Guardian Protection's prewire process

Our process ensures that all your technology choices are right where you want them with the proper wiring all out of sight. This means your service has extra reliability and built-in flexibility.

The Benefits of Prewiring

Earlier in your home-buying process, you met with a Guardian representative to plan the location of your wiring. If you need a refresher on what this will look like, you should have a notated layout with these locations marked in your files.

This can help you down the road as well, like when it’s time to get your internet service provider in the house. Showing them exactly where you planned for the router to go keeps them from accidentally installing it in a less ideal location. When you get into your home, refreshing yourself on where everything is located will help you to use all your technology and connections efficiently for your smart home.

Prewire is just the first step toward your smart home. If your run into any questions, you can always reach out to your Guardian representative.  All these steps might seem little now, but they help us protect your home and prepare it for you to enjoy in the future.

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