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The Best Security Cameras for Your Business

Business Security

Are you trying to decide what type of security cameras you should be using in your business or commercial space? Guardian Protection has the solution for you.

With our smart security cameras powered by, your cameras operate as monitoring devices that help you optimize business operations. These devices allow you to monitor your business at all times, right from your phone or computer. With key features like 24/7 onboard & SVR recording capabilities, perimeter guard, IR night vision, and 4MP recording, you’ll have everything you need to manage your business security system remotely.

Start Protecting Your Business With a Smart Security Camera!

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Take your video surveillance to the next level with business activity analytics. This technology provides proactive alerts and insightful reports to help you gain a deeper understanding of traffic patterns within your business, allowing you to save time, money, and frustration.

Business Activity Analytics for Security Cameras

Arm your business with the best. Guardian’s business security cameras go beyond basic recording and building monitoring. The features listed below allow you to optimize your business and make the most out of the space.

Queue Monitoring

With ground zone, you can measure the total number of people and average wait time. This insight can allow you to adjust accordingly to ensure that wait times don’t become unreasonable, leading to frustrated customers or negative reviews.

A Guardian Protection business security camera using the queue monitoring feature

Heat Mapping

This feature allows you to keep track of the areas in your business with the most foot traffic. With this information, you can optimize the layout of your business to take advantage of your most visited areas.

Guardian Protection business security camera using the heat mapping feature

Crowd Gathering

Crowd gathering allows you to easily measure the total number of people within a virtual ground zone. You can also set up your system so that you get notifications when that limit is exceeded to make sure you’re always aware of growing crowds.

Guardian Protection business security camera using the crowd gathering feature

People Counting

Even if you’re not onsite, you can check in on the exact number of people passing through the entrance to your business. Our smart security cameras allow you to keep track of people passing over a virtual line of your creation so that you know the flow of traffic to your business from wherever you are in the world.

Guardian Protection business security camera using the people counting feature

Are you ready to get started with custom video surveillance solutions for your business? Contact us at 1.800.PROTECT today for your free consultation with one of our commercial security professionals today!

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