Medical Alert System for Seniors

Fast, reliable emergency response service

Every second counts during a medical emergency. Guardian offers 24/7 medical alert systems suited for seniors or those with limited mobility living at home. Investing in a home medical alert system gives you one-touch access to Guardian's 24-hour monitoring center for emergency assistance.

Maintain An Independent Lifestyle

During an emergency, speak to one of our live monitoring center specialists anywhere in the room where a Guardian voice module is installed. No need to pick up the phone and dial 911 when you have VoiceLink, our two-way voice communication technology. Our caring monitoring center specialists can initiate a response to your system's medical emergency signal in an average of just 30 seconds. Live independently and feel safer in the comforts of home with a medical alert system from Guardian.

Get Help At A Push Of A Button

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere in the home. Guardian's personal medical alert bracelets, pendants and remote key fobs communicate to Guardian's 24-hour monitoring center and can be used effectively from anywhere within range.

personal medical pendant

Personal medical alert bracelets and pendants allow you to trigger the emergency response system by simply pressing a button.

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wireless remote keyfob

Use our wireless remote keyfob to arm and disarm your security system and as a panic button if an emergency arises.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
"It is so simple to use. I've shown my five-year-old daughter how to use it. It's just one button to press and no numbers to remember."
Joan R., Pennsylvania
"The pain was indescribable. I reached for the necklace and pressed the button. In four or five minutes, the paramedics were there. In seven minutes my husband was home. Guardian had called him, too."
Natalie J., Pennsylvania
"I woke up feeling nauseated and dizzy. I tried to get up but fell. My wife went to the Guardian keypad and just pressed the little button. She didn't have to call or anything. The paramedics were here in minutes."
Charles P., Ohio
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