medical pendant

Medical Pendant

Our medical pendant provides peace of mind for the elderly or those with mobility problems. It features a panic button and is designed to reduce the chance of a false alarm being triggered due to an accidental bump or nudge.

Help at a push of a button

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere in the home. And having a medical pendant nearby may help save a life during an emergency. A medical pendant can be worn around the neck or converted to a bracelet - whichever way you prefer. This can sometimes be useful if you have a health condition but want to remain mobile; it helps to reduce worry about summoning medical help on your own.

medical pendant necklace

Easy-to-use pendant

In case of an emergency, press and hold the panic button to send an emergency signal to our 24-hour monitoring center. A medical pendant can be used effectively inside your home or in the backyard, provided you're within range. The effective wireless range can be up to 200 feet from your control panel. Actual operating range is dependent upon various factors such as home construction, panel location and exterior environment

Operates on digital cellular transmission technology.

Sends emergency signals to Guardian's 24-hour monitoring center.

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Guardian Protection