Guardian image sensor

Image Sensor

Our image sensor combines the features of a motion sensor and still shot camera. It detects movement, just like our standard motion sensor and also takes a snapshot of what activated the sensor. It features color shots in daylight and black-and-white in low or no light.

Your online image gallery

Once an image sensor has captured an event, you will immediately receive a text or email alert containing the actual image to notify you of the event. Images are also automatically stored on your online gallery. To access your image gallery, simply log in to your online account or the Guardian app.

It's pet-friendly

Don't worry about pet Fido tripping the motion sensor. It has a built-in pet immunity feature for a single pet up to 40 pounds or two cats. Our motion sensor may be pet-friendly, but it's certainly not intruder-friendly.

Instantly receive a notification when your image sensor has been activated. The image captured by your image sensor is sent to you directly, so that you can be aware of the event right away.

Alerts you via event-driven text or email notifications.

Operates on digital cellular transmission technology.

Sends emergency signals to Guardian's 24-hour Central Station.

Allows for remote control from your web-connected smartphone, tablet or PC individually and/or as part of your security system.

Guardian Protection
Guardian Protection