Guardian heat detector

Heat Detector

A heat detector from Guardian monitors and detects high ambient heat in areas where smoke detectors may not be suitable such as laundry room, utility room or near furnaces.

Around-the-clock monitoring

Heat detectors installed by Guardian are monitored 24/7. In the event of a fire, we will notify the fire department whether your system is armed or not, whether you are sound asleep or away from home - a benefit that a non-monitored fire alarm system lacks.

A layered fire alarm system

Heat detectors are used to complement your smoke detectors and are normally placed near furnaces, in kitchens, laundry and utility rooms. A heat detector adds another layer of peace of mind.

Instantly receive a notification when your heat detector has been activated, so that you can be aware of the event right away.

Alerts you via event-driven text or email notifications.

Can operate on a hardwired or wireless digital cellular transmission technology.

Sends emergency signals to Guardian's 24-hour monitoring center.

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Guardian Protection