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Simon XTi5 Panel Image 1
Simon XTi5 Panel Image 1
Simon XTi5 Panel Image 1

Simon XTi5 Panel

  • Icon-based operating system
  • 5-inch LCD touchscreen
  • Built-in Z-wave
  • Custom screen color

The user-friendly Simon XTi-5i security panel has a simple — yet reliable — design and function. One of the best in the industry, this panel does a lot and makes it look easy.

Status at a glance

Easily see on your panel if any windows or doors are open, or if there is activity in your home.

Intuitive Navigation

This easy to use panel touchscreen panel will cover all of your home security essentials.

Additional Benefits

Battery backup

Don't worry about your security system not working when the power goes out. You've got backup.

5-Inch color screen

Easy to read screen tells you what you need to see, when you need to see it.

Unique names

Give each entryway a unique name to help you quickly find an open door or window.

Large icons

This panel has large icons that are easy to read and navigate when you need it most.

Frequently asked questions

The Simon XTi5 is 5.97" H x 7.25" W x 1.71" D.
Yes, there is a battery backup inside the panel.
Yes, you can find instructions on our website or call our Customer Care team for more instructions.
Yes, you can pair up to four Simon touchscreens.
Still have questions?

Call 800.857.5028

Packages for every lifestyle

Whether you’re single, a parent, or a pet parent, we have a security package that fits your life.

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