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Resolve to Get More From Your Smart Security System

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Is your New Year’s resolution already a bust, or are you totally rocking it? Either way, we propose making room for one more. It won’t cost you a penny; it’s totally doable; and it will make your life easier! Resolve to get more use and more value from your smart home security system.

Ready to get started? Here are 10 suggestions to get you well on your way to “Security Guru” status. These tactics aren’t complicated, but they can make a big impact on your life. Some will be specific to smart home devices you may or may not already have, but we promise, there’s something for everybody!

1. Log in to your Guardian smart home control site.

tips for password safety

No, really — you must do this to take full advantage of your Guardian system.

Whether you use or to control your smart home security, don’t forget to log in and choose your settings. Most of the day-to-day control of your system will be done from your Guardian app or at the panel itself. But initially, you’ll need to log in to get everything set up just the way you like it.

What can you do on Set up Geo-Services, create automation rules and schedules, adjust your notification settings, and much more.

2. Download the Guardian app.

We’re always surprised to hear that a customer hasn’t done this, because it’s just so convenient! It’s free, and you can control your security system and home automation devices from your smartphone.

Get our all-in-one mobile app to stay connected wherever you go!

If you use an iPhone, go here: Download from the App Store
If you use an Android, go here: Download on Google Play

3. Find all the answers on Guardian’s Customer Care site.

This site is different from or, where you go to control your system. The Customer Care site is where you manage your Guardian account. Whether you need to pay your bill, sign up for autopay, test your security system, or request a new yard sign, you can do it all from this one site.

You’ll also find videos, FAQs, manuals, and how-to instructions to help you become a super-user.

customer care site

4. Create a basic notification.

Pure and simple, notifications help you stay on top of what’s going on at home. Notifications are sent to your smartphone, and you get to pick and choose what kind of events you want to know about.

Is it just too much to get an alert every time the front door is opened? No problem. You’re in control!

5. Set an automation rule.

Automation rules are little things that add major convenience to your life. They are like guidelines that tell your smart home and your security system what to do based on things like location, time, and events.

 A few examples of rules:

  • Disarm your security system when you unlock your door
  • Turn on the lights when you approach the house
  • Adjust the thermostat when your system is armed away

Setting up rules is easy:

  1. Log in to and go to Automation.
  2. Click on Rules, and then Add a Rule.
  3. Name your Rule.
  4. Choose what should trigger the automation.
  5. Select the device you’d like to automate.
  6. Set the timeframe.
  7. Save Rule.


6. Set up arming reminders.

If you often forget to arm your system before leaving the house — or just find yourself stressing about whether or not you did — this one is for you. Based on your schedule or location, Arming Reminders let you know if you forgot and helps you secure your home remotely with one tap on your mobile device.

Start setting one up by creating a new notification on

7. Set up a custom Scene for your smart home.

The Guardian “Scenes” feature lets you adjust multiple Guardian security and smart home automation devices by touching one button. You can even start a Scene using your Apple Watch or Siri, or your Amazon Alexa voice assistant! Movie night, you say? Lights, locks, temperature… and action.

8. Share a video clip with someone.

Ever catch something on one of your Guardian cameras you wish you could show a friend? Well, you can!

Whether it’s something silly you want to show your kids, or a suspicious event the police should know about, sending a clip from your Guardian app is as easy as sending a text.

9. Connect Siri or Alexa to make your home even smarter.

Did you know you can control your Guardian security system with your voice using Siri and Alexa? You can arm/disarm your system, activate a Scene, or even control a smart device like a lock or thermostat.

Check out this post if you use Siri

Check out this post if you use Alexa

10. Sign up for AutoPay.

AutoPay, or automatic bill payment, is a service provided by Guardian that offers a few key benefits:

First, it’s the greener choice. Save the resources and energy required to produce paper billing statements. The earth will thank you.

Second, it’s convenient and worry-free. Once you’re enrolled, your next recurring payment will be automatically deducted on your due date. It happens every month, automatically, on time! Easy-peasy.

Enroll in AutoPay here.

11. Learn more about Guardian’s 24/7 professional monitoring.

Ever wonder what happens if your security system goes off? What’s the process if a break-in is detected? Watch this:

What about fire? We’ve got that covered, too:

12. Create a Geo-Fence.

Geo-fencing is a location-based service that lets you draw a virtual fence around a real space, like your property. It then uses a device like your smartphone to determine when you are nearby and triggers the actions you choose. For example, you might create a rule that arms your security system once your smartphone gets a certain distance away from your house.

You can find step-by-step instructions for setting up a Guardian Protection geo-fence here.

13. Refer a friend.

Share the Guardian Protection peace of mind with someone you care about, and you could be eligible to earn $100! 

Learn more, and read the terms and conditions here.

14. Create a unique user code for someone you trust.

When everyone has their own code, it’s easy to see who is coming and going and keep tabs on activities. For example, you’ll know when the kids get home when they enter their unique user code.

You can also customize user codes to give people different levels of access to your home. User codes for people outside of your immediate family, like dog walkers or nannies, can have specific restrictions. For example, you might give a contractor a temporary code that expires when a job is complete, or give a dog walker a code that only works on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

14. Explore new smart home devices.

What would make your world safer and easier? A thermostat you can adjust from anywhere? A video doorbell that can help monitor your front door? An additional motion sensor to keep teenagers out of the liquor cabinet?

There are countless ways to customize and grow with a Guardian Protection smart security system — it’s one of the many perks! If you started simple with just a security panel and a few professionally installed sensors, you have a lot of room to build as your needs change.

If you’re interested in adding new technology to your home security system, contact us here, or give us a call at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328).

Brand new to Guardian and looking to protect your world? Call us at 1.800.PROTECT or request a free quote.

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